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That Device is designed to optimize the electricity use of the premises by automatically switching off all the unnecessary devices.

Extra Safety

Most common cause of outbreak in commercial outlets is short-circuiting. For fire related incidents it is rightly said, "Precaution is better then treatment".


Electric Saving Device employs a wide array of sensors to suit your need. The box is placed at the entrance of the room.

Help & Supports

We provide our customers Lifetime of product support plus 1 year replacement warranty. We have the most flexible purchase plans.

Electronic Saving Device is a unique way of controlling your electricity bill and providing extra protection to your premises and precious equipment installed there. All this while your guests continue to enjoy your hospitality and maximum benefits.

  • #1

  • Electronic Saving Device
  • Protection against short circuit
  • Lowest power consumption

Corridor Light Sensors will switch off lights only in condition of no movement in corridor. Sensor will switch on in micro seconds due to the movement in corridor and switch off in 60 seconds due to no any movement in corridors.

  • #2

  • Corridor Light Sensors
  • Range of upto 6 meters
  • Extra life to lights

RF Lock uses encryption card as IC keycard with perfect keycards classifying and grouping functions. 4 alkaline batteries (size AA, 1.5V) are capable for unlocking more than 10,000 times. 250 records can be saved and each record has complete time and date label.

  • #3

  • RF Lock
  • Low voltage warning
  • high-security cylinder